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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

When in Debt, don’t Doubt, it will be Death

(originally posted February 25th, 2008)

“When in Debt, don’t Doubt, it will be Death,” so says my soul brother David Schechter, a long time traveler along the path of the soul, as we were playing with mining gold from the shit…if nothing else, one can make poetry out of one’s travails. And the message in this alliterative pithy aphorism is simple but not easy…Debt bespeaks lack and yes there are times when we “owe” someone or something, that in itself, is manageable until or unless one feels resistance. fear, shame and inadequacy in meeting the obligation and we vibrate in lack so that the hole becomes deeper. NO way out but through. The task, then, is to do whatever it is to restore our innate natural vitality. Vitality is based on the exchange and movement of energy…..and it through energetic exchange that the currency of our lives consummate.

So my task today is to raise my vitality; out of that practice comes the pollen of beauty from which the sweet balm of honey will attract more of what it is I am creating.

This is David (with pink bag,) taking a picture of our mutual friend George Smith (with river grass) who was playing Neptune in The Planet Sturgeon River of Light, 2006 and Peter Frank, his ex of many years ago triple-Capricorn

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