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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

On Not “Fitting”

(originally posted February 19th, 2008)

Many of my intimates, people I work, play and collaborate with struggle how to generate a sustainable income for themselves in ways that are congruent with their talents and labors. Why is this? It is an axiomatic and acceptable statement, said with a sigh of resignation that “oh well, its difficult to make a living and a difference.” And we all just keep stepping on that truth, often without questioning its basis. There are many answers to this conundrum. Here is one. We are in a paradigm shift about how we understand the nature of reality. That is a long blog for another moment but suffice it to say that the universe is based on vibration as the essential “stuff” of its operation. Indigenous cultures whose older practices and knowledge have been shrouded and are now being unveiled and taught- like an underground spring arising again at this critical time in Earth’s history-knew how to change vibration so as to change form.

This has everything to do with commerce, abundance and exchange….and most (?) of our social conventions regarding wealth, money are based on a debt service ie. scarcity . Gee…alot of us just don’t fit within the current societal structures as we are about working in the new paradigm. This then puts us true commerce workers on notice to challenge the internalized scarcity fears we harbor within…and seek resonance then with trust and faith in The Field of Plenty.

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