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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Record Store in Hudson

(originally posted April 10th, 2008)

While fighting off the beginning’s of a “Where-will-I-go-what-will-I-do” attack, walking down Warren Street in Hudson, I came across a record store with CD covers displayed art gallery style across the wall with a discrete sign in the front window saying this company records about six records a year with artists whose music they love and admire…a tribute (in this moment of music business history) to a small business doing what it loves: locally, aesthetically, uniquely.

Here is an example of a locally produced MP3, recorded right here in my kitchen. It is called, “Maple Honey Jar Band,” and was made spontaneously as Devin started messing around with a half empty mason jar filled with the maple syrup we boiled down recently from great sap water my trees were giving this year. We had Garage Band (mac recording program) open and he started recording the curious sound, (take a listen and tell me what you hear…) emanating from the jar while he “played” it…..meanwhile, my friend Anne and I are on a frustrating search for a cheese grater in my kitchen drawers which comes in as a de-facto rhythm section.

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where's the mp3??