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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

We've just created this Blogger Blog for True Commerce

Ahh, yes, dear Google strikes again and assists True Commerce under the entity "" to reclaim what had become an "Attack Site"— in other words: Hello and Welcome to "" formerly located as "" which was a Wordpress blog, being used with numerous audio and video links and a variety of interesting "Podcasts" mostly exclusively by Our Very-Tivoli Reverend Kathleen CorbiĆ©re Mandeville. Hopefully soon (perhaps each subsequent "Blog Entry" forthwith) you will be able to view what was previously viewed in the former location, there were, I recall, at least a dozen very interesting episodes previously, and now that we are under this safer umbrella for safely storing thoughts without so much risk that our one little public interface window to the world (the "Comments" area...?) will not be abused and we can share the musings on True Commerce and all general spirituality.

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