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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Happiness That The Hammer Feels

(originally posted April 10th, 2008)

This is a memorable quote from an old friend of my past, Terri Lucas, lighting designer, technical production manager from my congregation of St. Clement’s, a church whose sanctuary doubles as an Off-Broadway Theatre that I had the great honor to be the Rector of. Terri, a strong woman with a fabulous voice has swung many a hammer in her lifetime. She used to pop this line off whenever we were having one of those great moments, which we had often as a community at St. Clement’s, where the collaborative sum of the parts make a beautiful synergistic whole.

The hammer is happy when it connects its purposeful power to the head of the nail and the wood just surrenders….

The music below is a famous song/dance number performed by Donna McKechnie,
"The Music and The Mirror,” from the musical, “Chorus Line,” about a group of struggling dancers auditioning for a director who really puts them through their paces. The whole play is really about coming to terms with our vocations and what is required to live that life.

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