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Saturday, March 6, 2010

"Money As Debt"...a Blow My Mind Video

Periodically, something comes our way, that just blows all our pet "ways of understanding reality", those indelibly fixed precepts...OUT O' the F-ing water... AND WE WANT EVERYONE TO WATCH IT!!!

The above video, "Money as Debt," penetrated my usual "inbox"resistance of: oh dear, another probably important and curious thing  this friend or that intimate has sent me..which would probably useful and inspiring to watch...but really I can't take the time or gee whiz, better not get distracted.

This one I went for...and even tho it was a forty-seven minute ride, I was alternately riveted, slightly terrified and felt like someone had finally kicked me awake.

"Money as Debt" charts the modern history of money, and how we have become a global economy based on a system driven by debt. The video presents  complicated ideas with accessibly simple  graphics. I am still digesting it it, you will have your own experience...

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