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Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Valentine's Day Poem

"Throw my seashells back into the sea
cool the stings of memory
the past inside me has danced its dance
now is the time for now's romance."
-Dana Schechter

I've gone the distance,
taken a stand where I can
and not just in this instance.

Lost my heart
but gained my soul
having learned that breaking it
is the only way to make it whole.

Children dub me crazy and weird
so at last I know I have achieved
the state of highest queered.

Who am I?

I am the fire of your heart's desire
borne from the wounded deer
who does jump higher.

I am the poultice
whose alchemy does entice
the shadow of "its my and me,"
now seen
and sucked dry
of fear
so we can all just be here...

I am the the void, the gap, the space
where the willing allow
a change
now face to face.

I am a playmate,
the wind who blows early, often and late
who answers anxiety
with an invitation of levity, brevity and fate.

I am the tears we weep
when we must lose what we must lose
to keep what we can keep.

I am the practice morning, noon and night
aligning my whining
upwards on the stake in my spine,
releasing the fight
and just taking my time.

I am the phallus
living in temples and carved of stone
initiating an ancestral maiden's moan.
Modern women and men now choose to wear me
when seeking to unlock their power with
my ancient and essential key.

I am the vulva, the yoni, the pussy,
(we never really know what to call me!)
as entering my recess
you access
the passionate mystery.

I am the screw driver in the purse.
I am the one who needs a nurse.
Who is over sexed and underlaid,
over worked, under paid.

I am one, perhaps two
a dyad, a triad, a trio or trinity
sometimes a quartet, four
but really I am the world at your door,
you very own gate
to infinity and fate.

I am your father's death, your baby's birth.
We swaddle and suck.
We decide not to fuck.
We stand at the grave,
embracing both memories and enemies,
leaving, at last,
not turning back,
Pluto's cave.

I am all of your exs, some of both sexes,
telling the truth when it matters most,
finally enfleshing that childhood ghost
letting go of every last hurt, lost and angry boast.
And now we do sit
ungrief stricken
to simply have some fried chicken.

Today when the moon is in the seventh house
and Jupiter aligns with Mars,
The water bearer fills our cups, right up
and we commit to Love,
now and again and now again,
to steer the stars.

I am just a human woman,
messy and queer,
eccentric and hectic and dear.
Of course I am only talking, balking and stalking
this great "I am" of this thing called love,
that innocent, precious and ephemeral dove,
and hope like a dope
still stuck on luck
we will all expand
and burst
into a new universe.

This is my tale of the pilgrim's passionate way
with all of the intimates I hold in my heart,
having traveled the end back to the start.
Thank you for listening to all of my say as I offer my part
on this Valentine's day.

KCM, Valentine's Day, 2009
with inspiration by and plagiarism of the words of
Dana Schechter, Rodgers and Hammerstein, Thich Nant Hahn, May Sarton, Emily Dickinson, & St. Paul.

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